Monday, 15 February 2010

Where I was pretty oblivious for the first couple of hours of the day...

It was Valentine's Day yesterday?

Is that apostrophe appropriate?

Do I even care?

Yes I do!

But it looks good to me, so it stays.

So, yeeeeeah... I sort of forgot until someone tweeted "Happy VD everyone!", which made me laugh, pause, look up to the left and mutter, "oh yeeeeeeah...".

I don't really feel anything towards the day. I've had lovely V-Days in the past, but it's just a day. I wouldn't miss it if the card companies went bust and declared Valentine's Day a discontinued holiday.

Once upon a time, being a single lady (all the single ladies) I might have wallowed, got a little drunk, written a letter, dialed an ex's number a few times and hung up before it began ringing, got a little more drunk and eaten a fuck-load of ice cream (ooh!... I have ice cream... and strawberries... well that's my next half hour mapped out).

Yesterday, I was still a single lady (ALL the single ladies), but I just wasn't fussed.
I generally can't be fussed with the men-folk at the moment, t'be honest. They're a lovely bunch and very nice to talk to and have a larf with, but anything that requires me to engage in any kind of hair removal procedure barely gets a look in.

Saying that, I have developed a mild girl-crush on the new sports girl from The Chris Moyles Show... p'raps I'm edging my way over to the other side.

Tina and I could be great together. She'd jokingly roll her eyes at my lack of sports knowledge and I'd make her a cake, decorated with little footballs. Then Lee Pace would meander past and I'd ask Tina if we could still be friends. Then, after a couple of dates, Lee would suggest that maybe we take things to the next level... specifically the naked one... then I'd tell Lee that that's not the kind of commitment I'm looking for right now, as it would mean shaving my legs, and I hope that we can still be friends.

I hope that when the bigwigs behind Clintons Cards read this blog, they decide to put their weight behind a 'Friends Day'. Valentine's Day is for lovers, but Friends Day is for the people who would just, you know, like to be friends, who aren't really looking for a commitment, who love spending time with you but don't feel that way.

I'm sure it'll be a roaring success. Please send all royalties to my paypal.


  1. grandchildren not on the cards then? *sigh*

  2. Being alone on Valentine's Day didn't bother me either. I don't even celebrate it when I'm with someone, really. Showing love to one another on 1 out of 365 days a year is pathetic.

  3. Valentine's Day sucks. And yes, the apostrophe is appropriate. Seeing as we're on the subject, is it 'Mothers' Day' or 'Mother's Day'? I think the former; most card manufacturers disagree with me.