Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Where I get all obligatory on your asses...

So that was Christmas, and what have I done?

Cooked, baked and eaten LOTS.
My feminist lecturer would have kittens... if she hadn't left her job to get married and have babies.
I've also chained episodes of The Office (the American and, I'm sorry, much superior version) until I had seen everything that Steve Carell and co had to offer. Now I've moved onto Life On Mars, the British version, which I feel is probably better than the American version.
I've spent time with my family and that is still ongoing. Tomorrow we descend upon my extended family for New Year goodness. It's been brilliant spending time at home. Granted, it's not one of the various homes I grew up in, but we've made it a home and it's been absolutely lovely.

This, if you haven't guessed already, is the obligatory 'end of year' blog, which comes after weeks of not posting anything. Aren't I loyal?
But hark, this ain't just any old 'end of year' blog; this is the all singing, all dancing 'END OF DECADE' blog. As Felicity, friend of 13 years, reminded me, in the next decade, "we're turning 30."

Shit. So we are. And what have I done with this one?
A good deal, considering I've gone from 14 to 24, from buying TLC's 'Creep' on cassette tape to downloading Oona's 'Tore My Heart' on iTunes.
From being so, like, TOTALLY in love with Joe Floyd from tutor group to delicately navigating the grey area following the break up of an important relationship.
From wishing I had bigger boobs and better hair and smaller thighs and nicer skin to looking back on old photos of myself and noticing just how great I actually looked.
From having the sole ambition of being a teacher, then an astronaut, then a doctor, then a singer, then an actor, then a social worker, then a paleontologist, then a teacher again to realising that I'd much rather work from home as a writer and spend my evenings shitting my pants while I try to make people laugh.
From deciding that I will never EVER wear dresses and make up and be a girly girl in order to impress boys... to actually quite liking dresses and make up and making myself look nice and realising that girls only ever dress up to impress other girls anyway.

My predictions for the next decade?
I at least hope to have more in my bank account than just enough to cover the following month's rent. I doubt I'll still be living in London. I'm moving there next year and kicking off the decade with a healthy bout of fear, uncertainty and excitement while living in The Big Smoke™, but by 2020 I reckon I'll have moved on... again.
In the meantime, I'll be sticking around for the 2012 Olympics, giggling immaturely at how the logo looks like Lisa Simpson giving head and charging a small but reasonable amount for people to sleep on my floor during the games.
I feel ever so strongly that I'll have a kid by 2020. Not out of any maternal instincts I might have now, but because my Mother will also be a decade older and, despite her protests, will definitely be dropping massive, neon, 'I WANT TO BE A GRANDMOTHER' hints.
Aside from that, lots of writing and keeping fingers in various creative pies, as well as literal pies as I continue my love of baking.
So, in short, by 2020 I expect I'll be a little older (well, more than a little), a little wiser (fingers crossed anyway) and a little wider (pies permitting).

Happy New Year, folks, and can we please come up with a catch-all title for the next decade that's better than the previous one we seem to have settled on?




  1. Haha, love it. An excellent end of year post, girly. :)

    I'm about to turn 23 and on Boxing Day my nana said to me, "Hurry up!" about having children. Eh??? 8-| She already has 8 great-grandkids. Isn't that enough? :P

    Life on Mars? Phwoar! Break me off a piece of John Simm and I'm happy for the year. Loving him as a nutter in Doctor Who again.

  2. I do very much like John Simm myself.
    Him, David Tennant, James McAvoy and Ben Barnes please. Not that I'm greedy, but nom.